This post is being written as part of the Women’s Web – Trishla eMart ‘A Style of My Own!’ campaign

Standing in front of my wardrobe, wondering what to wear. Black jeans, black palazzos, black T-shirt 1 or may be black T-shirt 2, black kurta 1 or black kurta 2….get the picture? 🙂 And i am not talking grays, just pure black. i am a huge fan of black – i even have a lipstick shade that is close to black. Black nail polish is probably the one missing item and that is because my mom would throw me out! Going shopping and i am given strict instructions by my sister to go color! But what can i do? i automatically gravitate to black. Love shopping online, you know why? i can just filter by black! A lot more simple, me thinks. But why black?

  • Mix n match- i am mix and match person. And i can wear all black, combine black with any other color and look gorgeous. Simple and no fuss!
  • Accessories – Very easy to accessorize; most things can be teamed with black. A colorful dupatta, jhumkas, bangles of all colors, anything at all. 
  • Makes me feel confident and sexy: Black is the one color i feel most confident in. i know i look my best and it just adds a zing to my step.

So that is my style mantra…go black. So all the rainbow colors are for my kids, for me, unadulterated black! Dark chocolate anyone? :):)


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